Festkonzert zum 40-jährigen Jubiläum der GDCF Mainz-Wiesbaden (in Kooperation mit der Landesstiftung Villa Musica, die auf eine 25-jährige Kooperation mit der Gesellschaft für Freundschaft des chinesischen Volkes mit dem Ausland - CPAFFC - zurückblickt)

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018, 20 Uhr

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Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra


Pipa, Zhongruan, Erhu, Flöte und Drum 

spielen zusammen mit

Wen Xiao Zheng (Viola) und Stipendiaten der Villa Musica

ein Konzert mit 3 Programmteilen:

a) Traditionell chinesische Musik

b) Johannes Brahms: Streichquintett G-Dur, op. 111

c) Gemeinsames Programm mit

Ye Xiaogang: Garderina für Streichquartett und Pipa

He Zhanhao und Chen Gang: Butterfly Lovers mit Erhu

Wen Xiao Zheng (Viola)
Wen Xiao Zheng (Viola)


Introduction to Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra


Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, attached to Shaanxi Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Televison, is established in 1950 as one of the first professional Chinese Orchestras since the founding of New China. Adhereing to the purpose of carrying forward Chinese traditional music, the orchestra gradually develops its unique performance style in practice.


Since the 1980s,all previous heads Sun Shao,Yun Enfeng, Wang Baojun, and the current one Song Xiaolei, with continuous exploration and innovation, have been making great contributions to the development of the orchestra. For more than 60 years, the orchestra devoted to the classic inheritance and diversified innovation of traditional music, commissioning famous domestic composers to create several excellent works with strong Shaanxi style, such as Qin Yun, Jiao Ban, and the 2014 large-scale national orchestral music Changan: The Silk Road, which won the Grant Awards of the first National Endowment for the Arts. Under then art director of the orchestra Zhang Lie, the orchestra gradually becomes professional and realizes leap-foraward promotion of artistic standard.


With the support and encouragement of leaders at all levels, the orchestra has held varieties of concerts: “National Customs: Qin Yun”- concerts of master pieces, “All Chinese of Same Ancestors” Thematic Concert, and participated in the Silk Road Art Festival, Silk Road Filmfest, The Eleventh Chinese Art Festival, and Shaanxi Art Festival. In October of 2017, to celebrate the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the original large-scale national orchestral suites The Eternal Red Lily conducted by Yan Huichang and composed by Wang Danhong, opened at the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, attracting numerous professional media, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua New Agency, CCTV, Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation, Chinese Folk Music Journal, Huayin Network, and CNWest, to report the performance of the orchestra.  


Over the years, lots of talent artists have emerged in the orchestra: singer Yun Enfeng, who was awarded the title of “Model of the Time” by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC in 2015; composers Sun Shao and Wang Jianmin; fluet players Liu Kuanren, Ma Di, and Zhang Yanwu; banhu players Yu Fenyang and Jin Wei, who contribute to promote Chinese national music culture and create beautiful national music with their great artistic talents to people.


Under Shaanxi Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Televison, and with its great support, Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra adheres to create focusing on people and devotes to promote the inheritance and development of Shaanxi culture so as to write a new chapter and make contributions of unique Shaanxi style to firming the cultural confidence with advanced artistic ideas and excellent playing skills.



一、      丝弦五重奏《禅》                      作曲:张晓峰     

1.  丝弦quintet Zen               composer: Zhang Xiaofeng     


This music starts with overtones of zither and erhu to creat a quiet background, while the zither imitating the knocks of muyu, leading audiences into a solemn and mysterious artistic conception. With distinct Shaanxi local style, this music shows the elegance of ancient Changan City.

二、      琵琶独奏《十面埋伏》     

2. Pipa Solo  Ambush From All Sides                             


Ambush From All Sides, a major pipa melody of nationality Han, is also one of the ten Chinese ancient melodies. Having a intense and shocking tune, it clearly shows the scene of Xiang Yu surrounded by the enemy troops, and is the classic artistic masterpieces.

三、      中阮独奏《玉楼月》                   作曲:宁勇 

3. Zhongruan Solo  《玉楼月》   composer: Ning Yong


On the basis of the theme of the homonymic Changan drum music, this melody use traditional variation and magnificent and elegant sound to meticulously delineate the attracting night scene of Yulou Building under the moonlight with songs and dances surrounded.

四、      二胡独奏《战马奔腾》            作曲:陈耀星           

4. Erhu Solo  Battle Steeds Galloing Ahead   composer: Chen Yaoxing                                


This melody, vivdly depicting the grand scene of thousands of battle steeds galloping across the battlefield, and using erhu skills to imitate the whinny, clip-clop and yell, is an erhu solo with grand momentum and novelty.

五、      琵琶与古筝二重奏《春江花月夜》     编曲:邱大成      

5. Duet of Pipa and Zither  A Moonlit Night on the Spring River 

composer: Qiu Dacheng                                                        

《春江花月夜》改编自琵琶曲《夕阳箫鼓》,是一首著名的琵琶传统大套文曲,明清时期就早已流传了, 该曲音乐极为优美典雅,节奏流畅而富于变化。它从黄昏江岸的钟鼓写起,逐步推开,写出了月下江上的重重景色,时而是长江大河,水天一色,时而又是归来小舟,渔歌悠然,直至夜阑人辞,表现了一幅夕阳西下时江上的秀丽景色.

A Moonlit Night on the Spring River , adapted from the Flute and Drum at Sunset, is a traditional pipa 大套文曲 which spreaded early in the Ming and Qing dynasty. This melody is of great beautifulness and elegance while it enjoys smooth and changeful rhythm. Starting from the bell and drum on the river bank at sunset, it vividly shows the beautiful scenery of the river when the sun sets.

六、      丝弦五重奏《花儿为什么这样红》     作曲:张晓峰

6. 丝弦quintet Why Are Flowers so Red    composer: Zhang Xiaofeng


Adapted from the folksong of the Chinese minority Tajik, this melody tells a story of the poignant love between a young Tajik and a princess from Kabul. With the love being objected, the young man had to wander along the ancient Silk Road, while his beautiful and dismal songs spreading everywhere he went and ultimately back his hometown Pamirs.

七、      丝弦五重奏《欢乐的夜晚》          作曲:胡登跳

7. 丝弦quintet  A Fun Night     composer: Hu Dengtiao


This melody both inherits the traditional Chinese playing form and absorbs the features of Western European chamber music ensemble, making each instrument exert its independence and coordinate with each other. The composer tactfully takes advantage of the special playing skills of each instrument so as to vividly imitate the gongs point of the folk songs, dances and traditional opera, as well as people’s happiness in every festival.